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CompuTool Connect is the only customer management software built specifically for the construction industry. You can track leads, create custom estimates, and even integrate with your accounting software, keeping you connected to your business at all times.

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  • "It streamlines both the up-front selling process - to secure more jobs in half the time - and the back-end purchasing, production, and accounting of those jobs. It's the technological transformation in the industry every dealer has been looking for."Ken Peterson CKD, President and Founder, SEN Design Group
  • "Absolute proponent of this product. I love the concept and would be happy to help in its growth"Adam B Flood, Owner of Premier Home Improvements
  • "I really like the product. It would make my life a lot easier having everything in one spot; customer tracking, estimates, contracts, letters, follow up, etc... I also really love Quick Quote"Thomas Giaquinto, Director of Operations, Summit Remodeling Inc.
  • "Great product. I love how user friendly it is."Jennifer Schulz, Summit Remodeling Inc.